We offer a range of highly differentiated technical repair services for IT products, Laptops, AIO units and components. Customers can choose to avail of any of the Tech Repair Services, individually or as a complete end to end solution, based on their requirements and objectives.

It helps enterprises to extend the life cycle of assets and lower the cost of ownership. By ensuring stringent SLA norms, that result in faster turn-around time, these services offer higher productivity with lower cost of redundant/standby assets for customers.


Supported by well-organized repair processes and efficient floor management, we ensure that customers receive the highest quality of repair services for all IT components and devices, power conditioning equipment and user-operated terminals like Laptops and AIO.

We have helped thousands of people repair their devices. And every time you get fix something, you help the planet by keeping e-waste from entering the landfill.


We Technorefix provides our customers with the best service experience, each and every day, while continuously improving our customer’s cost competitiveness and reputation.

We believe in providing a service that is fair. We believe in upfront and transparent pricing, not charging for a service that doesn’t solve our customer’s problems, and by taking responsibility when we don’t perform our service as promised.

Internally, we believe in growth. We believe in continuously endeavoring to improve our Laptop Services and our company. We believe that people are at the core of our company and we believe in preparing our employees to tackle challenges not only at our company but in life, and for the rest of their professional careers. We believe in growing our employees out of the job that they have, and into their next opportunity.